"Providing cost effective Engineering Risk & Safety Consultancy Solutions"

Passenger Lift Consultancy

Independent Safety Evaluation Ltd specialise in passenger lift  / modernisation consultancy.  We strive to maintain safety and reliability whilst saving our clients' money.

Our services include:

  • Lift Survey and Recommendations
  • BS EN81-80 Risk Assessment to determine shortfalls and deficiencies of in-service lifts (for lifts installed prior to 1999)
  • Generation of Modernisation Specifications
  • Tender Management
  • Director / RMC liaison
  • Project Management in accordance with the Construction, Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2015 where applicable 
  • Witness Testing
  • Post Installation / Modernisation  Examination
  • Expert Witness 
  • Maintenance Contract Generation / Tender and Audit
  • To undertake the duty of Passenger Lift Authorised Representative for Property Management Companies'

Electric Gate Risk Assessment 

Unsure about the safety of an electric gate that has been installed at your apartment block, school or commercial premises? Independent Safety Evaluation is able to provide a full risk assessment to ensure your gate meets the relevant legal requirements and is operating safely.  We can undertake an independent site visit to check the gate over and provide a report summarising the findings.  Contact us for further details / prices.

Maintaining for Safety

Component parts of electric gates can wear and fail, sometimes catastrophically. Like most machinery, powered doors and gates need to be maintained to remain safe. Powered gates forming parts of workplaces or in common parts of residential complexes will be subject to health and safety law. Owners, occupiers, landlords and managing agents will have on-going responsibilities for the safety of all users and all those who may encounter the gate.

Those undertaking work on powered gates are responsible for what they do, and for leaving the machinery in a safe condition, which may include switching off and isolating from power if it needs to be left in an unsafe condition. Substantial modifications may require re-assessment, in some cases re-CE marking by the person undertaking the modifications.

Risk Assessment

Whilst there may be standard components, even final products, the huge range of locations in which they are installed and variable environmental conditions to which they are exposed mean that most powered gates will be unique products requiring some form of specific risk assessment, both for installation and subsequent use. It is therefore not possible to define standard solutions for safety: each powered gate must be considered individually and holistically, employing suitable risk assessment tools and knowledge / expertise to manage the risks on a case by case basis.

Please click on the following link from ARMA explaining the requirements of Risk Assessment of Electric Gates in Communal Areas:


Independent Safety Evaluation is registered as a Gate Safe Aware Installer